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What is Riskalyze?

Riskalyze is a portfolio risk analysis tool that we use with clients to help them better understand their portfolio’s current and desired risk level.

What does it do?

  • Determines your current and desired portfolio risk number (1-100)
  • Identifies the gap between desired and actual risk
  • Helps develop reasonable expectations for your portfolios return based on risk
  • Displays how your portfolio would perform in real world scenarios
  • Provides a probability range of predicted future performance (Riskalyze, 2017)

Why use it?

We utilize Riskalyze to ensure that we keep our clients’ investments in line with their acceptable/desired risk level. If a client’s desired risk number does not align with their current risk, we are able to adjust their portfolio to meet their comfort level. Our goal is to ensure that the families we work with understand their portfolio’s risk and will be satisfied with their investment strategy moving forward.

It is important for us to provide a transparent advisor/advisee relationship. We want our clients to be fully knowledgeable of their situation and understand their risk exposure. Investors may not always be fully aware of the level of risk they are taking or they may expect stable returns from a low-risk portfolio. Riskalyze assists us in providing transparency in the risk-return relationship. As a result of our transparent relationships, clients are often able to feel more comfortable with their portfolio.

Riskalyze is a separate entity from Financial Advisors Network, Inc. Accuracy of information provided by Riskalyze is not guaranteed by Financial Advisors Network, Inc. There is no obligation to use this service.