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Our Process

Will you have enough to retire?
Our process is centered around you to guide you through retirement.

client meeting_websiteWe take great care to understand our clients’ lifestyles, wishes, goals and family dynamics. After we develop a thorough understanding, we construct a detailed plan that is specific to our clients’ wealth management and life goals.

This is just the beginning of the process. In order to be effective, the plan must be monitored and updated to reflect new developments in our clients’ lives and changes in tax and estate planning laws.

Our team of professionals remain in close contact with our clients to proactively address questions and help ensure that every aspect of our clients’ plans are clearly understood, effectively implemented and closely monitored. The following five steps are a part of the Financial Advisors Network process:

  1. Establish client-planner relationship

    We clearly explain the services that will be provided to you and define both our responsibilities. Additionally, we will explain fully how we will be paid and by whom. Together, we will then determine how long the professional relationship should last and how decisions will be made. We believe that in order to manage your money and investments properly, we need to work together.

  2. Gather client data & goals

    In order to make proper recommendations, regarding your financial life, we will mutually define your personal and financial goals, understand your time frame for results, and discuss, if relevant, how you feel about risk.

    We must gather all the necessary documents before giving you the advice you need to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  3. Analyze & present recommendations

    Once we have analyzed your data, we will make recommendations based on our findings. We will go over these suggestions with you to ensure your understanding to make accurate and informed decisions. Implementation of our recommendations will not occur without your approval. Our team will make the necessary time available to listen to any concerns and revise our recommendations as appropriate.

  4. Implement recommendations

    After agreeing on recommendations, we will determine how they will be carried out. During the implementation process, we will carry out the suggestions or serve as your guide. The entire process will be coordinated with you and other professionals such as attorneys or accountants.

    Everything we do is done with your best interests in mind. We are not paid when trades are made in your account, and have no other incentives to help us grow our business other than helping you grow your investment portfolio. When you make money, we make money, and when you lose money, we lose money. We believe in full and complete disclosure to ensure that there are no surprises and that you know exactly what you can expect from us.

  5. Monitor recommendations

    Depending on the needs of your account, we will hold either quarterly, semiannual or annual meetings with you. We will review your current situation and make adjustments, where necessary, as your life changes.

    Each of our clients is assigned a Paraplanner who will be available during our office hours to assist with any needs outside of scheduled meetings.


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