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FAN’s Story

Helping people is our passion and it is our desire to help our clients and their families to pursue their financial goals.

Financial Advisors Network, Inc. is a comprehensive financial advisory firm serving hundreds of local families. We specialize in: Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Insurance PlanningInvestment Management and Estate Planning. Financial Advisors Network provides financial planning and advisory services for clients nearing or in retirement. As a team, we are not incentivized to provide services, but rather, we earn our fee based on our client’s account balance over time.

Rod Kamps, CFP®, started the company in a small home office in 1999 after holding the position of Senior Financial Consultant at Cal Fed Bank. Passionate about education, Rod began by teaching investment and financial planning strategies through a series of classes at various college campuses. The financial advisors at Financial Advisors Network provide this training today, and believe education is the premise of how clients and advisors can make sound decisions together.  

Due to our fiduciary obligation, we are always incentivized to act in your best interest. Our team combines the many different facets of our clients’ financial life into one consolidated wealth management plan. Each area is individually important, but managing them collectively is one of the most imperative considerations in overall financial success.

Our Tustin office promotes a family-style atmosphere and utilizes in-house investment management with a focus on tax planning strategies. Family and quality service are important to us. Everything we do is done with you and your family’s best interest at heart. The multi-generational financial planning we provide helps prepare you and your loved ones for the future.

We believe in putting clients first. Our team recognizes that we hold a unique place of trust in the lives of many people. Therefore, we prioritize our fiduciary responsibility in our decision-making process. We act with independence and objectivity and apply our skills, competence, and diligence for the benefit of our clientele. The professionals at Financial Advisors Network believe that an open and transparent financial advisory relationship with clients is the key to helping clients pursue their goals and objectives.

Let us devote our time, passion and knowledge to prepare for your financial future so you can retire with confidence. Contact one of our advisors today to begin answering all of your financial questions and concerns.