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Financial Advisors Network, Inc. is in the business of helping our clients meet all their financial challenges. We do this by using a total wealth management approach. Each area is important individually, but managing them all collectively is one of the most important considerations in your overall financial success.

Growth, Risk, Taxes, Inflation, Insurance, Preservation – when any one is out of balance, your entire portfolio can be at risk of not achieving its goals.

Our approach can help you invest conservatively, reduce your exposure to taxes, meet your insurance needs and provides a plan to successfully transfer your wealth to your children and grandchildren.

Financial Advisors Network, Inc. is committed to helping you pursue your long-term financial goals. As specialists in retirement planning and estate conservation, we can help you answer the questions you may have about your financial future. Read More


Investment “Watch Dog” Service

  • Reviewing your investments and designing a personalized portfolio appropriate to your needs
  • Year-long, continual monitoring of your investments
  • Semi-annual meetings to: review and evaluate your investment performance,update your overall financial objectives, and if necessary, reallocate your portfolio as agreed upon by you
  • Monthly Statements & Quarterly Performance Statements (for advisory accounts)
  • Independent Advice
  • Commission-free transactions on most stocks, bonds or mutual funds traded in your account(certain transaction fees may apply)
  • Recommendations regarding positioning of funds within your employer provided retirement plans such as 401(k)s
  • Monthly “independent investor” and Quarterly “market insight” email letters detailing our firm’s research, analysis and view of the current state of the investment markets

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No strategy or plan can assure a profit or protect against a loss. The market for all securities is subject to risk including complete loss of principal.

Tax Reduction Planning

  • Comprehensive review of your tax return to highlight opportunities for maximizing tax reduction strategies
  • Semiannual review of your tax situation and planning to incorporate any new tax law changes
  • Free consultation with your tax preparer
  • Recommendations of tax solutions including tax advantaged investments
  • Staying up-to-date on and presenting new tax laws that can effect your situation

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Retirement Income & Distribution

  • Continual analysis of your income needs now and in the future
  • Continual development and implementation of recommendations to fund your income needsand help maintain a comfortable standard of living
  • Recommendations regarding the best distribution strategy for your employer retirement plans and IRAs
  • Analysis of the beneficiaries of your IRAs and how to establish an Inherited IRA to continue your IRA for up to 70 years or longer after you pass away!

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Family Wealth Planning

  • Analysis of your current estate plan and concerns
  • Free consultation with your attorney
  • Assistance in transferring assets to your Living Trust or other trusts
  • Providing guidance with the appropriate and necessary steps in the event of the death of a loved one
  • Review of beneficiary designations and asset titling
  • Techniques to reduce your estate taxes
  • Analysis of your insurance needs and concerns

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Insurance Planning & Risk Management

  • Capital Needs Analysis to determine the appropriate amount of insurance for you and your family
  • Analysis of any potential risk exposures
  • Planning for long-term care needs
  • Assistance in assigning appropriate beneficiaries and contingent beneficiaries
  • Assistance in determining the most suitable policies for your health insurance needs

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Client Services & Communications

  • Bi-Monthly newsletter to keep you apprised of the most current planning options
  • Semiannual reviews
  • Special reports on how to help reduce your taxes and other important topics
  • Special client events, including client appreciation events, and educational workshops to help you better understand your finances
  • Easy access account view tools which enable you to see an overview of your financial life as well as an array of the planning tools we use in determining what is most suitable for you

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